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Мы рады представить вам широкий ассортимент товаорв для боулинг индустрии.

We are professional factory specialized in bowling products, we offer refurbished machine and spare parts for various models of AMF and Brunswick, meanwhile, we produce high quality bowling ball, pin, shoes, and other accessories, we have helped many customers to build the bowling centers in different places, with good quality and excellent after service, we gained very good reputation in the market.

Please find the price list and picture as attached, the price is for the full package including pinsetter, ball return, lanes, scoring system, seats, pins, shoes and other necessary accessories for the daily running and maintenance of the bowling center, the price is for each lane. The equipment will be tested before the shipment, and together with the shipment, we'll add an extra package of destructible parts for replacement. Please introduce something about your project, we'll recommend the proper models to you, thank you.

Look forward to hearing from you soon